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Make Music Vancouver 2015


Bloco Energia is a percussion collective of people brought together by their passion for Brazilian music and dance. We deliver high energy performances in parades, festivals, and charitable events throughout the Lower Mainland. In addition, we host weekly classes in which students can explore rhythms from Brazil and other parts of the world.

Ask us how you can get involved or book us to get the party started!

Why we do it?

          Playing the drums is fun. It’s exciting and entertaining. You can be silly, you can be strong, you can play                   with different rhythms and you can collaborate with different instruments. And anyone can try it!


          We are part of an amazing community of all kinds of people. We respect each other and celebrate our                   differences. We enjoy making music together and making people dance with us!


          To keep our brain active and improve coordination and focus.


          Drumming may give your immune system a boost. It has been used as a healing ritual for centuries in                     different cultures around the world.


          It’s a great workout. Using your upper body and your lower body to create drum beats and dancing steps             burns calories and a lot of energy.


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